Imagine the perfect day either on the mountain or on the green. Now imagine getting paid for it! Whether you’re interested in being a part of the magic at one of our many resorts, thinking about changing careers or dreaming of a season away from home, we invite you to explore the many opportunities with Intrawest. Our diverse and unique properties offer the ultimate destinations for work and play. Live the dream and check out our opportunities today!


Question: “What does the term ‘experience of a lifetime’ mean to you?”

“A lot of things. This is my first time leaving home. I am learning new things, learning better English. I love skiing and I get to meet people from other countries, not just the USA. I am really improving my skiing, and everyone here is very, very friendly.” –Valeria Barciela, Argentina

“One can’t think of working at Stratton as just work. You go there to have fun, to ski (or snowboard), to meet new amazing people. To, literally, have the winter of your life.” – Tomas Knudsen, Argentina