Are you interested in experiencing new cultures in another part of the world by working at one of Intrawest's exciting resort locations? If you’re thinking of making the leap to another county, we invite you to join the employee experience an Intrawest resort. The most common work visas in use at our resorts are the J-1 visa (work & travel or internship), and in some cases the H-2B temporary guest worker visa. Check out visa options provided by the immigration authorities in your country before requesting employment details. We value diversity and have several international employees working in a variety of different roles within our organization. We encourage you to understand your working permit options or contact us directly before you apply.

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US Department of State:

US Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS):

Immigration Canada:

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Universal Student Exchange (USE):

Camp Counselors USA & Work Experience USA (CCUSA):

International Trainee Network (ITN):

“It was a great opportunity to work overseas in Steamboat Colorado with really nice people! I made lifelong friends, learned a lot and had a great time!” Sandy Bourn - Australia